De Rosso is the factory born from the intuition of Roberto De Rosso, who in the '80s has picked up the creative heritage of Alchemy and Memphis movements and merged it into a furniture style outside the box, lucidly visionary and emotionally fullfilling.

De Rosso is synonymous of elements and programs of exclusive design and fulfilling, which combines the research on the shapes with that of patterns, colors, surfaces. An explosive design, projected into the future, for which has been coined a neologism: pop-minimalism.

Exploring the endless narrative possibilities of the laminate, De Rosso imagines and creates amazing landscapes of interior design, and habitats that convey the excitement of a new beauty, capable of intercepting the aspirations of a public evolved, selective and culturally prepared.



De Rosso furnishings are unique creations, made with shapes and colors chosen within a platform extraordinarily wide of possibilities. So you get virtually absolute levels of customization: each element and / or program signed by De Rosso may be considered an exclusive piece. De Rosso represents an open possibility, both aesthetic and dimensional.

The solutions, modular and custom-made, are designed according to the spaces actually available and fit to the millimeter to the rooms where they will be placed. In the furniture world there are those who can do custom-made, and those who makes custom-made. For the first customization is an exception. For the latter is the rule. De Rosso belongs to this second rare category.



Unlike other materials and finishes, that can be mystified to the limit of counterfeiting, the laminate explicitly declares what it is, its nature as a "first material developed by man" as he called it Giò Ponti. The laminate does not disguise, but is instantly recognizable with its original features: the surface that can be infinitely decorated, the applicability to many different shapes, the line that defines the panels.These properties are the basis of his extraordinary capacity of communication and suggestion. Simplicity and creativity, rigor or oddness: the laminate encloses an extraordinary creative power, which translates every design intuition into engaging and evocative furnishings.



De Rosso produces integrated furniture for any environment, providing original ideas of interior design for all spaces of the house and innovative projects for offices, shops, public places, commercial areas, hotels, and exhibition facilities. But above all, De Rosso breaks down the traditional divisions, abolishes conventional typologies and developpes concepts that meet the functional requirements of each context rather than preconceived ideas.
The principle of De Rosso philosophy is to create original and versatile solutions, easy to live and absolutely satisfying.

Where begins the kitchen and where ends the living room ? Is there always a clear difference between the rooms of the sleeping area and environments of the living area ? The distinctions remain, but they lose their stiffness : the modern home means open space. That's why the programs and systems by De Rosso are multi-functional, aesthetically coordinated and compatible in size. Kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, study: the solutions of De Rosso are designed to be eclectic and, without limit of environment or space.

The idea of the office as austere and impersonal place belongs to the past : De Rosso thinks to of an office rich of ideas, of intelligence, of comfort and personality. The programs by De Rosso furnish the space of the office considering them as places of life, a real life, with the right balance between color and warmth, function and well-being,thinking and operation.

The commercial space is transformed into a theater of goods and meeting place, where the products are exposed as protagonists and people are there for something more and other than the simple purchase of a good. The furnishings customized by De Rosso, with their evocative power and versatility are prominent members of this evolution, ready to transform into reality the ideas of the more daring designers for shops, shopping centers, exhibition, without limit of dimension or context.

Customizing is a rare privilege, but with the program FORME, you can create structures, panels and custom-made cuts upon clients request. Forme allows you to realize elements with all laminates among De Rosso collection in whatever shape it is possible to invent even singular and bizarre. You design; we realize your ideas.



De Rosso Srl is located in Farra di Soligo, in the Northeast of Italy. The company carries iternally the 99% of the production: from hinged doors to drawers, from the cut of shaped panels to the laying of laminate, from processing aluminium to its painting.
De Rosso works exclusively on the basis of orders, with an organization totally computerized inspired to the principles of "on demand business". All data are shared in real time by each department and in any time the customer can check online the status of the supply. De Rosso maintains solid relationships with its suppliers, in particolar with Abet Laminati, with which it has established for many years a partnership in the name of innovation.

To the group De Rosso, also belong the affiliates Hoffmann, an advanced facility dedicated to the production of upholstered furniture and textiles, and Alna, brand of design for bathroom accessories.



De Rosso uses high quality materials, in over 200 colors and finishes, drawing on a wide range of laminates and coatings polymeric sheet. In the atelier of De Rosso, laminate fully reveals his extraordinary expressive richness and with digital printing reaches the absolute personalization of the furniture.
De Rosso operates to the highest standards of quality and pays the utmost attention to every detail of construction. For the most striking and original creations, De Rosso still uses the best technology available to date: the expert hand of man, which gives each product the unique charm of the handmade piece.

Therefore, the factory can ensure to designers and decorators solutions always reliable and of great value.
His attention to quality and environmental compatibility, are the resulte of the certifications UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and UNI EN ISO 14001 issued by ICILA, the most important institution of certification of the wood-furniture.

Alfa Box


Gambaluca 1

Gambaluca 2

Square 1

Square 2

Triplano 2

Letto Ring

ISO 9001



In the most advanced areas of cultural research, where art and design meet, where new forms of expression develop and new languages opens up​​, De Rosso collaborates with the most original and influential designers and also with the major institutions for the promotion and research in the field. The factory has developped projects and made events that have marked the evolution of interior design and is heavily involved in the conception and realization of exhibitions, events and that guide actual trends and stimulate the debate on contemporary living.



On the market there are different types of laminate, which have quality so different that it is improper to speak of the laminate as a single material.

De Rosso uses only HPL Laminate (high pressure laminate) that is distinguished by its exceptional qualities of hardness and resistance to wear, impact, water, chemicals, heat, steam, stains, abrasion, fire, as well as to the workability and the quality of the surface. The European regulation EN 438-1:1991 establishes the criteria of quality and grants compliance only to laminates that have reached excellence in standards defined, ie to laminates used by De Rosso, which, moreover, do not contain asbestos, lead or other heavy metals and are decorated exclusively with clean papers and pigments.



Digital Print is the personalization pushed to the highest level: you create the decor of the laminate, at low cost, without minimum quantities, even on a single sheet of paper.

The perfect rendering of shades allows you to have good results for any type of image: drawings, textures, photographs, backgrounds. The resulting image is indelible as the technical characteristics of the laminate remain absolutely the same. Is there a more original and fun way to decorate the furniture of your home?

  • 1. Take a picture (or draw a decoration, a texture, any type of image).
  • 2. Transfer it to your computer with a high resolution: minimum 120 dpi at 1:1 scale, TIFF or EPS format.
  • 3. Drop it in the technical design of the furniture that you intend to accomplish.
  • 4. Send everything to De Rosso on cd-rom.
  • 5. Within a few weeks the piece of furniture in laminate Digital Print will be ready.


The poly-vinyl chloride (PVC) is the synthetic resin from which plastic and thermoplastic materials are derived.
It is a durable, hygienic, and harmless material, extraordinarily versatile and absolutely non-toxic, as evidenced by its wide use in the medical field. The PVC veneer is protected by a coating that repairs it from ultraviolet rays and increases the mechanical resistance surface, and is further coated with a primer which increases the hardness and the safety gluing.

The PVC, being colored throughout its thickness, does not present in the union between board and panel the black line typical of the laminate panels.