De Rosso Philosophy

Unique custom-made creations

De Rosso furnishings are unique creations, made with shapes and colors chosen within a platform extraordinarily wide of possibilities. So you get virtually absolute levels of customization: each element and / or program signed by De Rosso may be considered an exclusive piece.

The solutions, modular and custom-made, are designed according to the spaces actually available and fit to the millimeter to the rooms where they will be placed.

Exploring the endless narrative possibilities of the laminate, De Rosso imagines and creates amazing landscapes of interior design, and habitats that convey the excitement of a new beauty, capable of intercepting the aspirations of a public evolved, selective and culturally prepared.






Store, arrange, exhibit, protect, sort, keep: every containment’s need finds a flexible and cross interpretation in respect to the traditional schemes, overcoming the difference between the day and night enviroments. The decisive factor is the project which comes from the meeting of sign and color. The sign results in rhythms, scans, thicknesses, proportions. Relationships of light and shade, solid and void, thickness, contours, irregular shapes that create rhythms, scans, proportions based on colour; the real protagonist of De Rosso creations. The result is an exclusive design product which shows its affinity with artistic creation. Every creation is unique, not only custom-made, but above all starts from a specific motivation and sensitivity.



Wall unit

Modular system with a wide range of defined containers without handles, accessorised with shelves, doors, drawers and deep drawers. It is available in numerous widths and heights combined with four different depths. It allows limitless combinations. It can be on wheels or feet, with base section, with floor base, on steel basement or as hanging containers. For an essential and contemporary furniture adaptable to the needs of different environments.



Walk-in closet

ALI_ANTE is the sliding door system that closes spaces of any depth delimiting equipped areas in al/ the rooms of the contemporary living Extemally it presents itself with /orge and umform surfaces, ovai/ab/e in a wide range of colours, and inside it is equipped with specific structures for the different functions.



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